A young Italian company, lean and flexible in production, which is proposed with competence in the bathroom furniture sector.
Thanks to extensive experience in the field of supply of raw materials, crafts and a continuous study of technology and fashion in the field of furniture, the company is able to provide products in which tradition and innovation live together perfectly, with the maximum respect for the environment, always looking for new solutions.

Our respect for nature contributes to the uniqueness of our furniture. Particular attention is paid to the purchase of wood and panels, the core of quality Made-in-Italy, and the use of water-based paints. Italian Feeling favors the countries in which the responsible governments adopt policies of controlled deforestation, planting young trees which, at the stage of their maximum development, will absorb more CO2 into the atmosphere than older trees, cut down before their natural course leads them to die and rot by releasing CO2.
In fact, increasing the responsible use of wood is a simple way to reduce climate change.

Italian Feeling uses only water-based paints, and therefore in total respect of the environment around us.
With this choice we set ourselves the goal of giving a small but always important contribution to the protection of the environment, as the water painting cycles allow to reduce the emissions of harmful solvents into the atmosphere as well as the reduction of the production of slag and special painting waste, while ensuring exceptional aesthetic-qualitative results and excellent chemicalphysical resistance.
Our choice lets our bathrooms are made with guaranteed materials, obtaining furnishing solutions: welcoming, aesthetically avant-garde, prestigious and durable over time; all in a Made-in-taly environment that will be a pleasure to live, healthier and safer for you and your loved ones.

Creativity is an abstraction that reaches a meaningful and concrete form only in the context of a unique and particular realization.